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Privacy Statement

This page will contain the privacy statement of your choice.

Privacy Policy

CommunityAQ only collects as much information as necessary to provide a good user experience.  We collect the information you provide when you sign up for an account and any information you voluntarily provide through postings.  All data are transmitted via a secure socket layer (SSL), which means that transmitted data are encrypted in both directions.

The personal data you provide upon login are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address

Optionally, you may provide additional information on your home page such as gender, birth date, etc.

Any photos and text you voluntarily submit through the website are made public and can be copied by other website visitors.

Submitted photos are resized by the software to reduce storage requirements and speed up connection speed. Those photos can be downloaded by other website users, currently with a resolution of maximum dimension of 850 px.  Thus, as in Facebook and other social media websites, any photos you submit can be used by others.

ShutterBird will not sell the information gathered on this website.

Revision 1: 23 Jan 2023